Nick O’Leary White Rocks Canberra District Riesling 2018/2019


Canberra winemaker Nick O’Leary sources grapes for White Rocks from one of Canberra’s oldest vineyards. In 1973, two years after Dr Edgar Riek planted the first vines at Lake George, Captain Geoff Hood established Westering Vineyard next door. Hood’s dry-grown old riesling vines continue to thrive, producing tiny crops of powerfully flavoured grapes. O’Leary says, ‘It’s a great vineyard’, and adds ‘the vines have huge trunks on them’. From these venerable old vines O’Leary makes an extraordinarily concentrated riesling – a wine of great and finesse and delicacy and what he calls, ‘mouth-watering, laser-like acidity’.

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