Capital Wines Canberra District The Abstainer Rosé 2021


The political Abstainer cannot decide which direction to take, so too with Rose. It is formed from red grapes, made in a white wine style, consumed chilled like a white, but red (well pink) in colour. No wonder Rose sits on the fence, just like the Abstainer.

Hand-picked; tank fermented; destemmed, crushed and soaked on skins overnight; 20-year-old vines.

Our Rose is made with premium Sangiovese grapes, picked early to capture the freshness of the fruit. With aromas of rose petal and cherry, share it with friends and enjoy it as a refreshing but fulfilling wine when you cannot decide if you want a white or red.

Food Pairing

Enjoy with pork, prawns, chicken or even lamb, actually pretty much anything.


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